The Implications Of Big Business

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The Implications of Big Business in America:
Positive and Negative Aspects of Large Corporations for Society Big business has a constructive and positive influence on America. Corporations contribute much more to a country’s economic well being. Bigger businesses are more productive, pay higher salaries and hourly wages, generate more jobs, and are more successful in international markets. However, not everyone believes big business has a positive impact in the US. These people believe that big businesses are corrupt, and can damage an economy. It is important to distinguish the difference between big business and small business. Many people believe that big business will not be as effective as small businesses. J. D. Harrison (2013), a
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However, it can be seen through the history of big business in the US, through its political and economic impact, and through ethical associations that big business has a positive impact on our nation. Business has always been a part of American history, but big business did not come into play until later in the life of our nation. To understand the history of big business in the US, one needs to understand the shift that occurred between the late eighteen hundreds and the early nineteen hundreds. In the late eighteen hundreds, business mostly comprised of farming. To own a business meant owning land that could be cultivated, harvested, and grow produce that could be sold for profit. The small business of farming dominated the culture, and there were very few big businesses in that period of time. However, in the short span of roughly fifty years, the cultural norm of business drastically changed. Large corporations emerged and took over the nation’s sales and profits. In that short amount of time, America’s citizens moved to the cities and went to college so they could participate in the big business culture. Big business became a livelihood for many Americans. From a negative standpoint, some businesses became so powerful that they tried to influence the government of the US, making for the argument that big business does not promote democracy. How could people be free with such power hungry industries that take
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