The Implications Of Business Ethics For Human Resource Management

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Topic 1: What are the implications of business ethics for human resource management? Explain the potential role(s) of human resource managers in the ethical conduct of business. Provide examples where appropriate.
The concept of business ethics is gaining more and more attention from many different organisations. Business ethics relate to the ethical judgments of what is right and wrong in an organisation (Sparks et al. 2010, p.2). Human resource management in particular, demonstrates the implications of business ethics through the practices of its function. The manager from this area should be able to influence the behaviour of their employees by applying the concept of business ethics. This essay will discuss about the importance
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Human resource management addresses concerns about strategy development, managing the talent and leading the cultural changes and some other important roles (Stone, 2014, p.12). Human resource manager should be able to have a good understanding of how to imply ethical conduct into their practices. By this, they will manage the human capital better, improving the employees’ wellbeing and therefore maximising the organisation’s productivity and efficiency.
It is important for the human resource management to take some approaches that regards to the issues of business ethics. The implications of ethical conducts and morality are essential to apply in the practices of this function. Some examples of these implications could be thing like building a good ethical framework in human resource management practices (Nadia et al. 2012, p.98). By doing this, there will be more ethical decisions made; managers will need to go through critical planning and activities that involves ethical practices. These will include considerations about what is best for the employees’ welfare and also for the businesses’ operation. Addressing problems about business ethics also implies that human resource management function must be aware of how crucial some legal components are (Martin et al. 2001, p.246). This helps to make sure that unethical business conducts will not occur in the organisation and the human
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