The Implications of Facebook Becoming the World's Social Network and Telephone Book

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In many respects, Facebook is becoming more like a virtual phone book that can be used for quickly connecting with someone known in the past, just met or of interest (Baltzan, 2012). There are very significant business opportunities for Facebook both as a global social network and virtual phone book, in addition to large-scale implications for social change based on the pervasive adoption of this social networking platform. Benefits and challenges of social networking, along with the pervasive use of tags and crowdsourcing are discussion in this analysis as is the impact of Facebook on children.

Implications of Facebook Becoming The
World's Social Network and Telephone Book

Facebook currently has over 1.07B users globally with 604M of them being on mobile devices according to Benedict Evans, analyst with Enders Analysis (Evans, 2013). The next twelve months are therefore pivotal to not only the advertising-based business model that Facebook is predicated on, but the many potential business opportunities the social network and virtual phone book provide. Most significant is the potential of providing contextual advertising over smartphones and tablet…
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