The Implicit Leadership Theories Associated With Good Leaders

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The implicit leadership theories associated with good leaders.
The present empirical investigation had purpose: (a) to cross-validate L. R. Offermann, J. K. Kennedy, and P. W. Wirtz’s (1994) scale of Implicit Leadership Theories (ILTs). In phase 1 we developed the ILS which generates 46 items. In phase 2, we administered the ILS to 121 participants from different ethnic backgrounds but the ethnicity wasn’t measured. We explore people’s perception on an ideal leadership, the data was factor analysed and yielded 11 factors but the items falls into 10 factors of leadership: Capacity to support, Physical/mental strength, Interpersonal skills, Emotional strength, Attitude, Cultural value, Openmindness, Reassurance 1, 2 & 3. The result
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Thus, ILTs is based on the culture in which one lives and the socio-cultural environment has a profound impact on leadership. Ayman & Chemers (1983) study on leadership behaviours of Iraqi managers, the result shows different factor structures for Iraqi, European and US samples. They concluded that the overall evaluation of leadership function wasn’t of overt leadership only but also on evaluation of cultural backgrounds. Thus, the aim of this study is to explore on people’s perception of an ideal Leadership and to examine whether ILTs has a structure or whether the descriptive items within ILTs are random and unrelated.
Phase 1: Scale development
A total number of 43 participants (26 females, 17 males, Age: 18 – 58yrs) were recruited from various ethnic backgrounds which includes student and civil workers.
This research was carried out using qualitative methods as a measure. Each participant receives a sheet of paper to write 20 words describing the characteristics of what they consider as a good leader. Prior to the start of the study participant where giving a brief about the study and a consent form was handed over which gives a summary about the whole procedure. Participants were made aware about
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