Essay about The Imporance of Polymers Today

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A polymer is a large molecule consisting of many smaller subunits known as monomers. There are different types of polymers and many uses for all of them. Even though people may not realize it polymers play an essential role in our everyday life. For polymers range from plastics, PVC, and Styrofoam to key structures in the human body like DNA and proteins which are key components to the human body that makes it possible for each of us to live and be unique. So with out polymers in our body we would be dead, and with out them in our society it would be a drastically changed for the worse to say the least Polymers are also commonly referred to as plastics so now you can put in to perspective how much we use polymers. You can also realize…show more content…
ON the other hand if it is properly recycled we are able to reuse the same plastic over and over again for long periods of time while at the same time keeping a low production cost This is why plastic is cheap even though it contains oil a very high priced item, for as long as people do their best to not waste plastic and recycle it there really is not a need to waste our precious oil and manufacture more of it. Polymers effect every ones life almost every day allowing us to make many valuable items that can help make our lives easier including plastic, PVC, and shellac there are also natural polymers that we benefit from such as rubber and amber. Polymers are truly a great and very beneficial item to everyone for they are tough, durable, and cheap but they are also recyclable which can be very beneficial to our environment and societal needs. The only negative effect is when it is not properly disposed but this is really the users fault not the actual item its self Though polymers are a very beneficial thing now, but In the future I believe that at the very best that they will only hold the same value to society. I say this because polymers are not a very complicated item and it would be difficult to better this technology in a drastic way. The only further advancements I see are people discovering ways to make polymers stronger, more durable and better suited for extreme and

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