The Importance And Benefits Of Math Manipulatives In Elementary Students

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 Boggan (2010) explained the importance and benefits of math manipulatives. The value of manipulatives has been recognized for many years, but some teachers are unwilling to use them in teaching. Elementary teachers who use manipulatives to teach mathematics can positively affect student learning. Students at all levels and of all abilities can benefit from manipulatives.  Bradley (2008) examined teacher’s attempt to improve instructional strategies for teaching mathematics in an elementary school. The findings of the study revealed that the students were more involved in math activities, especially during peer tutoring. The students enjoyed the music as well as the entertaining videocassette with the mathematics objective as the subject of a story. Perhaps as a result of the audio, visual, and kinesthetic modes of instruction, students actually appeared more attentive during direct instruction. Teachers reported that carrying through with manipulatives and number lines with the fourth-and-fifth graders helped them to grasp abstract concepts and become more accurate in solving problems in the math textbook.  Kelly (2006) explored in elementary classrooms that how children use manipulatives and/or tools in problem solving while working on mathematical tasks. Current research reveals that teachers need to teach and assess children’s mathematical knowledge in ways that will allow them to show (perform) what they really understand. In this research use of
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