The Importance And Methods Of Erk State Education

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The school has a ENL coordinator position where they keep track of the progress of each ENL student, and create different services for ENL’s in the school. As of August 25th, 2017, they did not have an ENL coordinator present. On October 13th, 2017, it was informed to me that there are 5 ENL teachers working in the high school. From what Ms. Chilankis mentioned, the students are tested in room 228 to test proficiency (Ms. Chilankis, personal conversation, October, 2017). Depending on their score, they are sent to one of the five designated ELD classrooms.
As for educational services, there are required ELD classes for students who haven’t passed the NYSESLAT. They are required to go to those classes for three periods of the school day.
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There was also a discussion with one of two ELD coordinators regarding Bonu’s NYSESLAT scores to get a clearer idea of Bonu’s proficiency level without knowing official scores.
I have identified two limitations to my case study:
• Time-frame. Due to New York Public Schools not opening during the second week of September, I was not able to identify a student and start my case study. With finding a student by week 5, I was behind on multiple assignments and had significantly less time to do observations
• Documentation: I was not allowed to have any documents regarding Bonu’s work. So I was not able to secure the students NYSESLAT scores, previous quiz scores, classwork, or homework throughout these observations.
Classroom Task & Teacher Instruction One notable trait I recognized with Ms. Chilankis instruction were the everyday task she would do prior to the new lesson. The first one that comes to mind is the “fill-in the blank” segment. It goes as follows: “Today is _____, _________ (Day and date). The weather is _____ & _____ (Adjectives for the weather).” She did this in all six observations, so it’s inferred that she does this task every day. Afterwards, she writes the Learning Objective for that class session following with a “Do Now”. Do Now’s serve as a prerequisite for the main lesson with review of a previous lesson or a trail run of today’s task. Four out of the six observations show
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