The Importance And Uses Of Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater treatment is important in many ways. One reason that it is so important is because, at the plant, they water and other things as well. In the Middle Ages in London people had laws and regulations about waste treatment (O’Neill, 2013). Without wastewater treatment most species of animals would be extinct because the water in lakes and oceans would be polluted with human waste. Wastewater treatment is important because it keeps the Earth clean, it recycles more than just water, and it saves animal species from becoming extinct.

Wastewater treatment keeps the Earth clean because without it humans would not have a steady source of drinking water. Back in the Middle Ages people were concerned about water treatment. People were heavily fined if they were caught dumping sewage into the streets. Instead, the people would take their buckets filled with raw sewage and dump it into nearby rivers and streams. This was extremely unsanitary. The bacteria, or decomposers, would break down the waste but there was so much that it took a long time.The people didn’t know how disease was spread by waste. They thought that it was by its odors (O’Neill, 2013). People who owned larger houses had people come and clean their enclosed latrines. Even further back, the Aztecs had a waste system where all of the human waste would be used as fertilizer for their crops (Medina, 2014). Then the saprophytic bacteria would do the rest, consuming the decomposing matter. Saprophytic bacteria
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