The Importance Of A Brand For An Organization

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2.1 The importance of a brand to an organisation is the most important thing. The importance of the brand is the main thing for a number of reasons. it is more important than ever to promote recognition of a product or service. If you 're remembered as a quality provider, then you will be encouraging repeat business. Branding is a great way to promote this recognition because people are busy and tend to adhere to familiarity. If consumers recognize a brand that they have previously used and they remember being satisfied with it, then they are more likely to choose that product or service again. This is especially true in the tremendous hodgepodge of advertising going on today.

If you represent your brand well and show that you are one of
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But great customer service doesn’t come from nowhere, it doesn’t just happen, like flicking a switch. It comes from your culture; it comes from your Brand Values.
Great customer service happens when employees feel supported and protected by their leaders and managers. Bad customer service comes from a place of fear, when employees are afraid to make a mistake and get in trouble.

2.3 Brands possess credible, relevant and distinctive brand promises. People need to be able to trust your brand. This requires a shift in marketing. The brand promise clarifies what the brand stands for and is also the most important reason for stakeholders to choose a particular brand. Often this promise is communicated explicitly through a slogan or pay-off, but it can also be conveyed implicitly via communication with and behavior towards stakeholders.

Brand success is a relevant brand promise that is proven throughout the organization. Every single day it is visible as the DNA of the organization. The least a customer should expect from a brand is that the experience with the brand lives up to the promise made. To prove the brand promise everything has to be in place. Customers have to experience the brand promise through all the different channels: via the telephone, in all the stores/locations, on the website and in face-to-face contact, etc. Social and technological developments make it necessary nowadays to prove what you promise in your
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