The Importance Of A Business And Understanding Individual 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Through using SimVenture for the past 7 weeks I have gained an insight into the mind of an entrepreneur. Before playing this game I had never experienced any sort of business whether in real life or in a game-like situation. This game takes you through a variety of scenarios that occur in an everyday business world including finance, organisation and marketing. Depending on the scenario the computer business would be at different stages in their life. We would go into each scenario with tasks and targets to meet using the information we had been taught in the lecture. From setting up a business in SimVenture I have found the three most important lessons to be; the importance of organisation in a business and understanding individual’s strengths and weaknesses, the significance of operations within a business and lastly how essential finance is when creating and running a business. Throughout this reflective summary I will analyse the significance of these lessons and the silks I have learnt. In addition I will describe how they have helped me strengthen my knowledge which will help me in my future.
Before starting the organisation scenario I felt that I would benefit from it due to it being one of my strengths, I feel. I was interested in widening my knowledge and understanding organisation from a business’s perspective. From the lectures we had been taught about the importance of sales and marketing within a business and how it is a fundamental part of running a business
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