The Importance Of A Business Intelligence Competence Center

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In times where analytics is being used everywhere I think it is high time that universities and colleges all over the world start using analytics to become an analytical competitor. Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy, where I studied is one of the 523 engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Competing on analytics would help CEG to differentiate itself among the 523 colleges.
The college was started early in the year 1930’s, so there are large amounts of data for analysis. As there are enormous amount of quality data to run an analysis. Another disadvantage is the lack of many analytical experts in the Governing Body. This doesn’t mean that CEG needs a group of data scientists but a Governing Body being passionate about analytics. This cannot be brought about immediately but one of the immediate solutions that can be taken is to hire a consultant with excellent analytic skills. Establishing a Business Intelligence Competence Center, or BICC is not really necessary for an educational institution like CEG but it will surely be of use if all the process is being monitored, analyzed and improved by a group of analytical experts. The main motivation of the college to use analytics is to increase the revenue and advance the college mission and goals. As far as I know CEG needs to go a long way in its degree of intelligence for a competitive advantage.
CEG’s distinctive capability among the other colleges in the state is…
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