The Importance Of A Candidate For The Democratic Party

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As a nominee for the Democratic party, you must begin to decide which issues will become the center of your campaign. We would like to respectfully ask you to consider making gender equality a major issue in your campaign. Though the women’s movement has made major strides, continuing this work will allow the women of America access to all the opportunities their male counterparts enjoy. In order to have these opportunities, we have identified three issues where women need support. First, Reproductive Rights allow women to make their own healthcare decisions in order to have choices about their bodies and when to have children. However, these rights are being threatened by ever increasing restrictions. We will propose a plan to increase funding and reduce barrier to allow all women who need care access to responsible, comprehensive health care. Next, our current policies surrounding childcare and family leave often make it difficult for women to balance the demands of having a career with being a caregiver in the home. Revising these policies and implementing new ones will allow women more flexibility and compassion as well as the ability to balance their career and home life during difficult times. Finally, allowing women access to education will help open doors to new careers while ensuring their economic equality with working men. Looking over these areas and considering changing existing policies or enacting new ones will allow women more opportunities to grow and
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