The Importance Of A Career In My Life

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Going into my junior year of high school, the dream of me going to college was always a goal of mine that was quickly turning into a reality. I was gaining scholarship offers to play at select universities and colleges to play basketball but one big question stood in my mind “What do I want to have a career in for the rest of my life, am I good at anything besides sports?” Not knowing which way to turn for ideas I began conversing with teachers, coaches, family, and administrators about different fields and even took a career personality test. All in search of some direction for the next step in my life. Plenty of different ideas came about but none that I felt that I could really make a difference in and love to do. Being so young I was naive of my capabilities and characteristics that made me great and influential to others. But there was always one person who constantly reminded me that I could be something on and off the court, Mr. George Smith. Mr. Smith was the athletic director at my high school for many years and was a role model for a lot of people in the community. Luckily, I was an office aid and spent some time with him during school hours discussing my attributes and future as a person. I watched him closely as he performed his job duties, his relationships with athletes and other schools, and the high respect people had for him. I then went off to undergraduate and began my journey at Notre Dame college majoring in sports management. After a few months, I
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