The Importance Of A Central Office That Supports District Mission And Vision

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Module 6 Discussion Discuss the make-up of your central office and the ways roles are delegated in order to have a smooth running central office that supports district mission and vision. Our collective mission is ‘to nurture and educate our children in accordance with all curriculum standards to prepare them for responsible citizenship and success in life’. The district’s strategic plan was created with the community after holding several meetings with a variety of stakeholders and demonstrates the community’s values as well as integrating 21st century skills into the classroom so students can succeed in a global economy. This was the first time our district included the community in planning and the Superintendent and Director of Curriculum were new so it was a positive change. I remember the notices we received via email encouraging teachers to attend, however, many did not because our previous administration was very bold about punishing those that did not agree with them. Over the past few years, the new central office team has worked hard in trying to build trust by forming committees, email communications, and surveys that are directly related to our goals. According to the article, “a transformation strategy is fundamentally about remaking what the people in central offices do- their daily work and relationships with school,” (p. VI). After interviewing many central office personnel, I can conclude that the central office in my district follows a hierarchy as

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