The Importance Of A Certified Nurse Educator Essay

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Introduction A Certified Nurse Educator is a registered nurse whose primary area of interest, competence, and professional practice is the education of nurses at the university level. The minimum education required is a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Nurse Educators are responsible for educating and preparing future generations of nurses who will be charged with providing quality care to the population. The academic community should not assume that because an individual holds a certain credential or is said to have expertise in a field they would make adequate educators. In order to achieve this goal, clinicians have to be competent. Competence as an educator must be earned, established, recognized, and expanded. Core knowledge and skills set are essential if the Nurse Educator is to be effective and achieve excellence in the role. In addition, the Nurse Educator must have excellent communication skills, be creative, be flexible and possess excellent critical thinking skills. As an instructor, one must also be able to combine their clinical abilities with the following teaching skills: designing curricula; developing courses/ programs of study; teaching/ guiding learners; evaluating learning; documenting the outcomes of education process; facilitate learning, advocate the development of professionalization of future nurses, and design appropriate learning experiences. According to Clark et. Al. (2015), “In order to support changing roles and increased
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