The Importance Of A Child's Form Of Attachment And The Effects It Can Have On Their Development

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Throughout this report I will focus on Tracy and her mother Susie. I will discuss the importance of a child’s form of attachment and the effects it can have on their development. I will also look in depth at Uri Bronfenbrenner’s work on the Ecological systems of human development to gain insight into how social and cultural influences can impact behaviour. Furthermore I will look at a range of behaviours that Tracy has shown, as a result of her family upbringing and how Susie’s drug misuse may have had an impact on their attachment and led to Tracy showing signs of resilience. I will discuss the resilience matrix, which is a part of Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), 2008 approach and will use it as suggested way of supporting Tracy. I will also discuss how societies perception of young mothers can impact the way people feel they need to behave and how this leads to this group of individuals being discriminated against. I plan to look closely at how we use theory to work along side individuals or families without taking over and empower them to make positive life changes. A form of intervention that allows for this is Task Centred Practice, which I will look at. I suggest that this paper will allow me to gain insight into the ways in which people react to different events in their life and how theory helps us to support them as an individual. The significance of attachment theory is often called upon to repeat the importance of a happy, well-balanced childhood in
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