The Importance Of A Child's Role Model

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The environment that a child grows up in has the highest effect in shaping and molding their behavior. A child’s first role model is their parents, once they begin to grow and observe their parents behavior they can grow accustomed to those similar behaviors or choose to be different. Many times the church is an environment that has a huge effect in someone 's values and behaviors. When a person attends a church for so long they can then be cared for and nurtured. The way the church is structured and how much they focus on beliefs and values can influence a person. Most children spend their first 18 years attending a school that helps to educate them. They become educated in various ways; academically, socially, and in character building. Ultimately they can broaden their horizons in understanding different cultures and behaviors. A family, church, and education becomes an environment where values and behaviors are shaped in an individual 's life.. Spending time reflecting on the various values I scored the highest in, I realized the majority of these values were influenced by the people and environment I was surrounded by. Growing up I had a mother who was very strict on time and schedule. She was so focused on making sure that everything started and finished on time, it was a priority. Growing up, a huge irritation of mine was when others were late to meetings. I always made sure I was the person who showed up 20 minutes before any event or meeting. However, my father
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