The Importance Of A Classroom Management Plan

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A classroom management plan is the key to get productive results and keep all the students involved focused and on the right track for the year. More importantly, a classroom management plan is the agenda set to determine what everyone 's responsibility is and how, when and where to do it. A teacher needs to show that she is in full control and feel confident about the content she will be teaching to keep all students engaged. It can certainly be a very challenging task for a teacher to keep in control a class of 20 children that have very different behaviors, let alone a child with a disruptive personality. While concentration is essential when trying to teach a class, there will possibly be one child who will disrupt the class by…show more content…
Such rules need to be followed thru consistently. In addition, to decrease this type of behavior, the teacher must approach Joey to mitigate the situation at hand. Given the opportunity, Joey should explain the reasons why this is occurring and advise him of an alternative way to make progress on his behavior. In other words, if the student is not following directions, there will be consequences. To demonstrate an example, the teacher takes the class to the library and requests the children to speak quietly and they do otherwise, the teacher will remove them from the library and announce to them that there will be no recess for the day. The consequence would be that there will be no recess and the future behavior would be to walk silently through the library. This sometimes may not work on all students. Prevention strategies are essential to build a students morale, desire to learn and behave in the classroom. An established intervention plan can effectively change a child’s behavior. Being positive or negative, precaution must be taken on how to approach this kind of student to get a positive reaction. That is to say, that if a teacher asks a question and the child responds by yelling out the answer the reaction would be for most to verbally reprimand the student but sometimes this may not correct way. There may be other reasons for the attention seeking behavior. Implementing positive behavior such as a praise, a pat on the back
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