The Importance Of A Coaching Philosophy Sets The Expectations For A Program Essay

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A coaching philosophy sets the expectations for a program. It explains how a program operates in practice and game situations by defining the mission, vision, and core values. Mission explains the reason for a program while vision determines the outcomes a program wants to achieve. Core values define a program’s belief system and set the standard for how it will operate on and off the court. When a coach defines the mission, vision, and cores values everyone involved with the program knows what he or she expects. Mission The mission of youth basketball is about creating a safe, fun environment that develops the whole person. A safe, fun environment means young athletes can make mistakes without any consequences. When athletes can make mistakes without fear, they will experiment and improve their skills in the process. Additionally, whole person development means a program wants to promote physical, psychological, social, and spiritual growth. Youth sports are developmental programs, where the focus is more on the athlete than winning games. As a result, the final score or a won-loss record does not define success. Therefore, I view success as a process measured by incremental steps as young athletes develop skills and character traits. Further, the fundamental skills such as footwork, passing and shooting are more important than team skills. Spending the time to teach and drill the basics provides a solid foundation for future success. Consequently, over
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