The Importance Of A College Education?

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Yiwen Zhao
English 101C
Professor A.Pino
Nov 13th 2017

The importance of a college education

In the period of their high school career, the students shall begin to ask and consider the college education’s importance. The answer is that the accepting college education offers chances to graduates, which are more widespread to those who have the levels of senior high education or less. Most of people understand that they desire to accept a college education, but they do not know why or how it would fulfill their lives. This essay will argue the importance of a college education in five benefits. The five benefits include more money earning, benefits for the people and people’s families, better career opportunities, job security and
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The more costs of accepting a college education should be regarded as upfront costs. Additionally, most students select to be admitted to public universities, which do not cost as much to attend private schools. In such way, the accepting a college education would be less expensive and save a lot.
It is obvious that the higher income is the main benefit of earning by your college education. The more jobs that demand the degree of bachelor and master, doctor or higher-level degree intend to offer more and better benefits. Those can include medical care, retirement pension, travel, paid annual leave and other special treatment. Those benefits are very rarely provided for the jobs that require high-school-level education.
The benefits of the employment are such important that they can offer life stability for your family, particularly medical care. In many cases, the benefits’ value exceeds the take-home pay of an employee. Sandy Baum and Kathleen Payea (2005) show more educated people are less likely to have no employment and less likely to suffer from poverty.
Further, the health is the most important for the people and their families. It is obvious that the education is closely related with varieties of health outcomes. In 2012, 8% of the people with the degree of bachelor

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