The Importance Of A Community In Sanctum

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a Family is important because Family will be there for when no one else is. communities built up of families, it's said that small town's care about each member of the community. Depending on the situation this is either true or false. In the play, only drunks and children tell the truth you can infer that the oattor lake community does, in fact, care about each member of the community. And it's displayed in a way where there keep each other secrets they as well have a deep trust in each other. For example, Amelia Earhart. Amelia may not have been from oattor lake, but the community accepted her into the reserve as Family and treated and cared for her like one. In the play Canadian gothic small town's caring about each member of the community are false. For example, how the aboriginals were being treated, even though they lived in the community others looked down on them and treated them poorly. As well when the disease spread through the community members before Jean's mom died, people were dying, and her father didn't care who is a member of the community. What is a community, in what ways should they function and what ways do they function? What is the difference between a community in reserve compared to a small-town community? What conflicts might occur, is how they're Solved different for each community? What are the comparisons between a community and a family, and why even though they're both so different, they each need to rely on the members within to
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