The Importance Of A Community Sustainable Development

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Introduction Community sustainable development become more complex from day to day, multi-stakeholder and collaboration of flexible decision making are more important than before. In order to let local community and inter-community run more efficiency, stakeholders must participate in environmental decision-making. By increasing knowledge and interest amount public, sustainable partnership is also crucial. (Younge and Fowkes, 2003. The stakeholder decision-making right is increasingly popular in every places and this right is used by community stakeholders and related groups . Even though, Many people believe that they have real benefit from self-decision making, but those claims are not been scientifically tested yet. (Reed et al., 2008). This article gather many practice needs that support stakeholder participation to produce benefit , and give some ideas for greatest participation mechanism. In my literature review, participation is where small unit like individuals to biggest unit like organisations or government can play their important role in decisions making process that influence them . Any one who relate to decision is stakeholder, no matter he or she live in community or not. This article also focuses on empower stakeholder in the purposes of efficiency, because many old fashioned concept believe only people have direct or indirect impact of decision making result are need to be active, but not try to engage with rest of people. Body When all stakeholders and
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