The Importance Of A Consumer Centric Approach

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In recent years, Marketing Orientations have evolved and shifted overtime through different market orientations. Saren (2006, p.10) states that business orientations can categorized into 4 groups which are shifted from Production, Product and Sales Orientations to the Marketing Orientations. Firstly, Production Orientations aim to maximise profits and reduce costs by mass production through Economies of Scale. Secondly, Product Orientations are focus on product itself such as packaging which will help to improving its products. Thirdly, Sales Orientations are simply concentrate on sales. Lastly, Marketing Orientations also called as Consumer Centric Approach which aims to put consumers at the heart of business, all activities of the organizations must base on customers. Managers will take account into the needs and wants of consumers before making any decisions. As customers had become more knowledgeable, therefore, most markets are moving towards a more marketing orientated approach. This essay aims to outline and explore the importance of a Consumer Centric Approach in Marketing, this paper will separate into 3 parts, first part is to explain how internal and external factors may link to this approach, second part is to evaluate theoretical concept of relationship marketing in this approach and the last part is to analyse the fit of marketing offering in this approach. As Market Orientations Marketing are basis on consumer first, therefore, Saren (2006, p.12) states that
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