The Importance Of A Counseling Session For The Clinician And The Client

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Genograms can be a very important to a counseling session for the clinician and the client. Genograms is a used by many health care disciplines to help understand the family dynamics and certain health care information of the client or patient. According Butler (2008) genograms were first developed by a man named Murray Bowen and his students. Butler (2008) suggest that genograms where first acknowledged as “Bowen theory” (pg.169). However, it would soon be a normal practice for family counselors in their practice. Butler suggest that genograms have several purposes. The first purpose is the genogram provides a brief history of the clients’ family and the dynamics of the family. Second the genogram is compared over ten detailed…show more content…
For example, the addiction started early in my family with my grandfather (Dewey) on my mother’s side. Then my mother, father and brother (James Jr) is currently in active addiction, so they make excuses for each other’s behaviors. My mother also suffers from mental health disorders, but she self-medicates with her drug abuse. I am in recovery from my addiction and have been clean and sober for eleven years. My brother and I have been detached from the family dynamic because we do not condone their behaviors.
My oldest brother (Millard) was raised by my grandmother. This also followed a pattern, because I gave my son (Tyler) up and was raised by my parents, because of my active addiction. Since my son was raised by my parents he developed some of the same codependency behaviors that my parents carry.
I also noticed that my family shared a common type of work. For example, my grandfather on my mother’s side worked in the coal mines. Then my grandfather on my dad’s side worked in a steel mill. Then my dad and several uncles on my mother’s side worked on the railroad.
There was also themes of religion that I would like to mention in my family. My grandmother on my mother’s side and father’s side went to a Christian church. Then my parents followed them for a time when I was younger. Then my parents stopped going to church and started to develop addictive behaviors. Now currently today my brother (Millard) goes to church and his
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