The Importance Of A Critical Care Pharmacist

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An aborted dream, the disappearance of a great talent that we possess, and the death of someone we love, are events that we all have to face in life. Learning to overcome all these challenges and to survive the grief are normal process that we all have to experience in order to be successful. This process demands time and will eventually takes us trough the response to the situation, through the acceptance, and our ability to overcome it and move forward. People have many ways to deal with difficulties in life, however each one experience is unique.
Letting go a dream is one of the most difficult things that we have to come across in life. I would like to become one of the best critical care pharmacist, aiming at improving healthcare field in USA and in whatever country I found myself in. Counselling patients about their medications, managing their disease progress to maximize their response to medications, and being a leader in my profession, are what I intend to do as a critical care pharmacist. If I found myself in a situation where I am not able to accomplish this dream, it will be very hard for me, however I will learn with time to overcome the situation and focus on something else. As future pharmacist, it does not matter how many times we fail, what matter is how we deal with the situation and the lessons we learned from it. Of course it is not always easy, but with patience, and development of self-compassion, we will be able to embrace the new chapter of our life.…
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