The Importance Of A Database For The Business Industry

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In the business industry, companies will acquire customers who will purchase products or services that they are interested in. As their clientele increases, so does the transactions that goes with these purchases. In order to maintain an effective business, these companies need to find a way to organize the transactions where they can keep track of product inventory as well as their clientele for marketing. The best technique to maintain both aspects of the company is to implement a database.
A database is a software that can collect a variety of information in that when it is organized and manipulated by the software, it can produce useful information that is valuable to a user. A database is very useful in the business industry because it provides insight for the company as to what customer is purchasing products and what products is being used more frequently. This will allow the company to make adjustments not only financially but to maintain a satisfactory relationship with the customer by maintaining an adequate supply of products that is frequently being purchased.
Now that we have a general understanding about a database, for my project I will be implementing a database for an online fitness store that will be selling fitness related products to include apparel and supplements. This database will be a customer and product database that will maintain information pertaining to the customer and the products that I will be selling. Some information pertaining to
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