The Importance Of A Democratic Country Public Opinion

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1. Introduction For a democratic country public opinion is the most important determinant to establish a government and voting is the process through which people display their opinion and help to setup a democratic government. So the voting system should be reliable, accurate and it must be transparent. In voting systems, three important requirements are identified: • Universal verifiability: After the election any party, including a passive observer, can convince himself that the election was fair in the sense that the published final tally is computed correctly from ballots that were correctly cast. • Privacy: All individual votes will be kept secret from any (reasonably sized) coalition of parties. • Robustness:…show more content…
They then publicly set the 4 totals to zero by pressing the CLEAR button, after which the control unit display shows that a total of zero votes have been cast. Workers can check this count at any time by pressing the TOTAL button. Seals are then placed on various parts of the control unit to block access to counting and clearing functions until later in the election process. When a voter arrives, workers verify his or her identity and record the voter’s presence by obtaining a signature or thumb print. Next, a poll worker presses the BALLOT button on the control unit to allow one vote. This causes a green READY light to glow on the ballot unit. The voter enters the polling booth and presses the button for the candidate of his or her choice. A red light next to the candidate button glows, the ready light turns off, and the control unit emits a loud beep to indicate that the vote has been cast. The red light then turns off automatically. This process repeats for each voter. At the end of the poll, the presiding officer removes a plastic cap on the control unit and presses the CLOSE button, which prevents the EVM from accepting further votes. The ballot unit is disconnected and the control unit is placed in storage until the public count, which may occur weeks later. On the counting day, the control units are delivered to a counting center. In public view, an election official breaks a seal on the
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