The Importance Of A Developing Hr Professional

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As a developing HR Professional I have learned to appreciate the exhilarating role that we all play in guiding our organization 's human capital to successfully meeting stakeholders expectations. As people are the lifeblood of every business, it is so important to always be educating ourselves and learning from mistakes and successes of others. When it comes to HR responsibilities most large corporations focus on replacement costs including recruiting, hiring, testing, and training. Through my learning journey I have discovered the real cost goes much deeper and broader. When I reflect on my previous employment at CIBC as an On-boarding manager, I was promoted into the HR Learning and Development department unaware of the other…show more content…
They follow a very centralized organizational behaviour where top managers make all the decisions, and lower level managers merely carry out their directives. This strategy over time created an environment where lower level management and employees morale was extremely low and unproductive. A strategic approach would be to incorporate HR measurables where every employees is a champion around the understanding of the scorecard and the mapping strategy of an organization which was developed by Prof. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton referenced from the Harvard Business School Press (1996), this visual framework for integrating the organization’s objectives and linking it to each individual 's competencies will improve everyone 's sense of purpose towards the organization’s vision. Each stakeholder from each department this would include lower level management and frontline employees with creating the measurable scorecards. This strategy would not only assist in all employees having a clear understanding of expectations in order to meet the business needs, it also makes sure that everyone is accountable and sees the true individual impact that they make towards the organization 's overall deliverable outcomes. One of the greatest take aways that I was able to discover through Kaplan and Norton’s research was that as HR
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