The Importance Of A Dress Code In High Schools

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Having a dress code has been a huge issue among a great majority of communities across the country for many years. Because dress codes affect so many children, there has been an increase in controversies and both sides have very logical points. The main reason that dress codes are not strongly enforced in schools is because the protection of the First Amendment. Almost every parent would agree that the main reasoning for sending their child to school is so that they receive a good education in a safe environment. Certain issues that could potentially jeopardize a student's education should be eliminated by setting up a good rule system. High school and grade schools should apply a dress code because it eliminates many problems such as school violence, enhance school pride, and help maintain order within the school setting. Many students believe that having a dress code enforced in their school is a way of punishment and a way to hold them back from their freedoms. Dress codes can help maintain order within school settings and help students have a much safer learning experience.
Applying a dress code within school would help eliminate many problems such as violence that occurs on school grounds. Many weapons can be hidden with the help of baggy clothing worn by students. For example, if a student is required to be dressed in a shirt and tie with dress pants it would eliminate the wear of baggy clothes which could be the reason a student smuggled weapons into the school. Another situation dress codes could prevent is the urge for students to fight one another. A good majority of fights can break out because of a student's attire; which
also contributes to the violence that is occurring within schools. In today's world gangs plague almost every area of the country and mainly gain recognition through jewelry, clothing, hand gestures, graffiti, and tattoos. Gangs bringing street issues into schools is one of the main reasons that school fights and violence occur. Incidents such as stabbings, hiding weapons, peer threats, and drug paraphernalia could all potentially be avoided with the help of a dress code. Enforcing a dress code can also help decrease theft in schools over things such as

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