The Importance Of A Dynamic Strategy Making Process

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The Importance of Leadership in the Dynamic Strategy-Making Process Competent leadership is necessary to steer the organization in the right direction and get members of the organization involved and on board with the creation of the strategy, engaging each person in the organization towards the larger goal of productivity. Dynamic Strategy-Making’s lesson 13 surmises, “strategy-making occurs more rapidly and effectively when the firm’s senior management intervenes through leadership” (Greiner & Cummings, 2009, p. 37). In other words, a CEO’s commitment, in regards to leadership, has great bearing on strategy making (Greiner & Cummings, 2009, p. 28). The effective implementation of the dynamic-strategy process relies heavily upon the leadership of the organization more than anything else. Without competent leadership, going through the motions of the process will not lead to the effective results expected. (Greiner & Cummings, 2009) (Fairholm, 2009) In Dynamic Strategy-Making, the authors make use of the terms senior management and CEO, however in this case all those who can make a significant impact on the organization should be viewed as an integral part of leadership. In this case, leadership should be considered upper management. “Individuals and teams that are responsible for making the primary decisions” that impact an organization in terms of the structure, day-to-day operations, people, goals, and performance, etc. in addition to bearing “a degree of responsibility
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