The Importance Of A Effective School And Teacher

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1. What are the most important characteristics of an effective school? Name three goals that you would want to reach in your first year of school? Why are these important to you? Is it important for you to have students set goals and how will they keep track of them?
Candidates are expected to explain what an effective school and teacher would look like. This is their chance to share with the panel what their mission statement would be for the individual classroom. They can explain the steps they will take to reach their goals by the end of the year.
Candidates can express their ideas on how students should set goals by using data folders or portfolio’s. They can share their experience on completing an action plan with a student to allow them to reach their goals.
2. How would you motivate parents to become involved in the classroom and in their child’s education?
The candidate should express how imperative parental-involvement is in the classroom to strengthen the relationships between student-parent-teacher. The candidate should talk about things parents could do to volunteer in the classroom such as reading with students, laminate and cut reading centers, and create bulletin boards. One should talk about how they will keep the lines of communication open with parents, such as planner writing and calling not just when a child is having trouble in the class, but also when they are doing well. A great idea would be to show an example of a newsletter
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