The Importance Of A Family On Cultural Diversity

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This essay will examine what is means to be a ‘family’ in various cultures. It will focus on three main points stated by Cheal, D (2001). The essay firstly looks at the different forms of family due to cultural diversity. Does it mean biology is important for kinship or can family be extended further than the blood? (Eriksen, 2004). As the nuclear family used to be seen at the ‘traditional family’ the discussion of if this has changed and how this has will be stated. Secondly the situational diversity and what could cause family form to change. With many aspiring for a nuclear family I will examine if certain conditions such as ethnicity, income effect this, as well the ‘taboo’ of polygyny families and when it’s seen as acceptable in cultures. Lastly the essay will briefly look at individualization and why individual preferences have caused a decrease in the nuclear family.

The nuclear family is often known as the traditional family in western societies consisting of a married couple living together with their biological children. It’s believed that the nuclear family is the “fundamental building block” on which bigger family relations can be built on. Childrearing practices are also constructed on a monogamous relationship. (Ribbens McCarthy, and Edwards, 2011). Sociologist believed that family’s followed a typical family pathway were you would live with you parents and siblings, you would leave home and marry producing a small number of children and once your
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