The Importance Of A Family Orientated Individual

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Relationships hold complexity, requiring a highly responsive, and observant individual for it to thrive and maintain structure. From initiation to termination of a conversation, we as the responder, and the listener must receive the message verbally, and nonverbally to fully appreciate and understand each other’s opinion and point. Considering myself a family orientated individual I value family relationships, and the conversations that take place amongst me and my parents even when we may not see eye to eye on some things. My relationship I have with my mother is genuinely strong. She listens to my bickering and gives me insight for solutions to problems that may arise within everyday life. Unlikely wanted by my mom, the disciplinary role was given to her at an early setting due to the fact that my father was deployed to Afghanistan, and Iraq multiple times during my youth. That role creates complications within our relationship and occasionally arguments were created. Setting the scene for this spectacular war of the words that occurred goes like this. Freshmen year of high school, I had looked forward to a party that was occurring the day after the final day of the school year. My dad was currently deployed and mother was taking care of three of us, my brother, sister and I. Me, being a single track minded youth, and self-centered did not see all the nonverbal cues given off by my mom. Currently during this time my mother was extremely stressed and worried about my
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