The Importance Of A Gift To An Organization

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If I was a well-paid adult with a great job, and roughly $100 million in assets, I would definitely be thinking about making a philanthropic donation. This kind of money is way more than I could ever need, therefore, I would look for organizations that are worthy of my support. A priority of mine would be to look for organizations that have a mission that aligns with my passions and interests. A major interest of mine is sport; therefore, I would look for organizations that are using sport to change the world. Another priority of mine would be the impact of my gift. If I am going to give an organization a sizable gift, I do not want to see that they are only focused on helping a small percentage of individuals. An organization that is…show more content…
A core belief of mine is that sport can change the world. There are many ways in which sport can change the world, however, I am particularly interested in how sport can enhance an individual’s future financial standing. For example, sport can increase brain activity and educational attainment, therefore increasing their lifetime earnings (Brewer, 2017). Therefore, if the organization has a mission aligned with my interests, and has a realistic plan in place to increase the financial standing of thousands of individuals, then I will likely support them. As a very private and introverted person, I would not want the organization contacting me a whole lot. Yes, I would like to meet with them to discuss my interest and its alignment with their organization, but I would not be interested in meetings just for the sake of building our relationship. While meetings would not successfully cultivate my relationship with the organization, a tour of the facility would. Allowing me to see their work in person, would be very meaningful and emotional for me, therefore enhancing my view of the organization. When it comes to the solicitation aspect, I would like to know that it is coming, and therefore, not be surprised. To best inform me of this, a simple phone call discussing the purpose of the next meeting would be great. Also, I would like to receive information on the proposal ahead of time,
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