The Importance Of A Good Life

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In between the day we are born and the day we die is what we call life. No one chooses to be born. No one can control the circumstances in which they are born. Life is a mystery. Psychologists argue nature vs nurture. Is a person’s personality and intelligence predetermined at birth or is it how they are raised? It may even be a little bit of both. Like snowflakes, no two people are the same. Many things make us different such as skin color, religion, gender, and other beliefs. I believe all humans have one thing in common. Everyone wants to have a good life. That good life may be based upon the number of lives someone positively impacts, financial success or a certain social status. For me a good life is a life with money, love and purpose. The medium of exchange we call money is not just a necessity of a good life but it is a necessity of survival. In society today, the three basic needs of survival, food, water, and shelter for the most part all have to be obtained by money. The rich claim “more money, more problems.” But poor people would love those problems. In the materialistic world we live in, driving a nice car and living in a big house are goals of many people. Jordan Belfort said it best. “I’ve been a poor man and I’ve been a rich man, and I’d choose rich every f******* time.” Money may affect what people eat. Rich people never have to stress about a meal. People with less money may stress all the time about meals. They may have to eat fast food and become fat
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