The Importance Of A Good Role Model

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There are many ways you can be a good role model. You could be desirable, superior to your own, be constantly applied, be congruent with organisations values and desired behaviour. Being a good role model means having employees look up to you and following your footsteps. If you want to be a good role model you must demonstrate confidence and leadership. Earning employees trust and treating employees appropriately is also important when being a good role model. A good role model needs to be someone others can go to for help when they need it. An effective leader’s traits would include positive attitude because leaders are constantly modelling appropriate behaviours to other employees, in other words they lead by example. They are someone who is constantly thinking about others instead of themselves. They are someone who has enthusiasm, for good company and likeability. They are someone who is generous and gives credit when it is due. They are someone who is consistent and keeps clear rules and goals and they are someone who is available when employees need them. These traits can be developed by managing by example, leading by example, being visible and part of the communication loop, empowering employees, delegating effectively, encouraging new ideas and innovations and helping to build inclusive organisational cultures. You need to have a good understanding of the organisations long term vision strategy and your own role and responsibilities to ensure that your work
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