The Importance Of A Good Writing Skills

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Many customers associate their experience with the customer service they receive at any place of business. The ability to communicate both orally and in writing are essential job skills needed to perform a job task thoroughly and efficiently, while still maintaining the satisfaction of the clients as well as the organization. Oral communication is very important for an employee to possess because it allows the staff to interact more effectively, helps an individual give instructions and explanations clearly and accurately, and allows the individual to participate and engage in discussion among the staff and within the organization. Without good oral communication skills, the level of customer service may be hindered and the organization may be affected. Also, the ability to communicate in writing is just as important. Good writing skills allows an individual to communicate a message with clarity and ease to the intended audience. In today’s society, the use of emails and paperwork is substantial and without the ability to write clearly and in a manner to convey the intended message may cause confusion or lack of organization. Therefore, good oral communication skills and writing skills are instrumental in helping advance and individuals career while maintaining the professional image of the organization. In my professional career, I have communicated with a variety of individuals over the phone and in face-to-face interactions. While working at a banking
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