The Importance Of A Great Leader And Effective Organization Cultures Essay

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Working with Youth requires mentors to be able to see the future, while trusting their course of action. Many days it feels like we are famers in Italy planting date trees. In our lifetime we will never get to enjoy the shade or the fruit that the tree bares. We have to trust that with the correct care and practices a beautiful tree will flourish. Youth, much like many other people in the world have never sensed the personality traits within them that give them the potential to become great leaders (Wren, 1995. p. 7). Cultivating great leadership and effective organization cultures becomes about planting seeds. Although we will never see the true depth of their potential, we have to trust that through courage, optimism, and emotional support great leaders will grow (Wren, 1995. p. 41).
Catalyzing change through vision, support, and connection has become the core value for leadership within my life. Nahavandi (2015) defines leadership as influencing individuals and groups within organizations, helping establish goals, and guiding them toward effective achievement (p. 3). When planting date seeds, farmers have to discover the right conditions for the tree to flourish. Youth development challenges leaders and mentors to hear the one of a kind story in everyones life; uncovering their deeper motivations and passions. There comes a moment where telling the story only stagnants the transformation process. Stepping into their role as a leaders requires them to find a story worth
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