The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle For Individuals With Disabilities

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Fritz’s mom is a parent that is clearly and actively involved in her son’s education. She has some valid concerns about her son’s education, and should work closely with the teachers and para-professionals to find balance between school and family functions in order to help Fritz live a healthy and successful life. According to chapter 3 in the Turnbull et al. text, a key aspect of family functions is affection, either by exchanging verbal and physical affection or exchanging unconditional love. Busy teaching programs with lots of rigorous homework, such as the one described by “The Dynamos” team, often interferes with some family’s only opportunities to catch up on the day’s events, or engage in recreational activities. When this happens it is useful to reconsider the plan to achieve a balance in meeting affection needs not just educational needs (p.57-58). Additionally, according Turnbull et al, recreation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for individuals with disabilities, and is a helpful tool to get individuals interacting with the community, for Fritz he enjoys soccer (pg. 72). As stated, soccer acts as stress relief and makes Fritz feel as if he is successful at something, allowing him to develop strong self-confidence, which is important when he feels almost inferior to peers at school. It is important to work with the teachers at school to work to create a balance between recreation and school work because when family-professional partnerships are strong

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