The Importance Of A Hero In The Novel Hate List

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People model themselves after those they admire. Of course, people cannot simply become someone they are not. Instead, to become the person they want to be, they may need to play a character. In the novel Hate List and Nineteen, characters’ public personas allow them to achieve their inner desires. Whether it is to become a hero, to gain control, or to be loved, each character develops a fake public persona that allows them to become the person they want to be.
Being a hero is a title that many strive to hold. In the novel Nineteen Minutes, Patrick is considered a hero by the citizens of Sterling. As a police detective, he brings closure to families that have suffered a tragedy. Although he has solved every one of his cases, Patrick always feel as though he is too late. His public persona of the town hero is all an act. While going through Sterling High School after the shooting, Patrick is thinking about how “he had no fucking idea how to process a nightmare this massive, and yet he had to pretend that he did, because everyone else was looking at him to be in charge,” (Picoult 46). Behind the mask, Patrick is unsure of his abilities and finds himself going through the motions the way it is expected of him. As an authority figure in the community, Patrick must not only lead his team of officers, but also the keep the citizens of his town under control. Patrick wants to help, but it doesn’t come naturally to him. His self doubt stops himself from seeing his
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