The Importance Of A Human, Or Made This Way?

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Born this way, or made this way? Millions of children start new lives every day. The process of their development has always been of a question to us. We are still completely unaware of the exact psychological processes that we as children go through. Human psychologists continue to question the dispute of whether the factors that structure a human are biological (nature) or circumstantial (nurture). Genes play an important role in making us who we are. However, genes are also solely responsible for the physical characteristics while nurture creates who we are mentally and emotionally. Through personal experience, I am able to clearly analyze and make my own conclusions. Although nature is an attribute to my physical characteristics, the person I am today can solely be credited to the the circumstantial experiences that occur in my daily life. Nature refers to the inherited traits; each human has roughly 100,000 genes that create the physical characteristics of a child. Genes are only responsible for fostering traits such as blue eyes, brown hair, and skin color. In addition, nature is also responsible for passing on genes that contain diseases such as Alzheimer 's and even certain cancers. On the other hand, nurture refers to the environmental factors that influence a person. Nurture is the superior force in the creation of personality as well as distinct and individualized characters since each person perceives events differently. After our brains perceive different
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