The Importance Of A Human Resources Director

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With the ever changing economy many companies today must evaluate strategies and practices to allow for optimum diversification and financial success. With the changing the marketplace organizations may turn to mergers and acquisitions to further diversify their business portfolio and expand their reach within the community. As organizations merge there are many variables that need to be considered, namely the employees which are the most important asset of both entities. Leilani Industries which is an organization primarily focused on the procurement of materials used in films has recently decided that a smart business venture would be to partner with Logan Principles a group of marketing professionals that work to heavily promote new and upcoming films. This merger would be quite lucrative for both organizations as it would broaden the platform that the two organizations use to further secure more business. As the organizations have recently finalized the merger there is now a need for a Human Resources Director to take both organizations that are acting independently of one another to create a harmonious fluid entity where all individuals can be represented to achieve optimal success. As the newly appointed Human Resources Director how will one create and identify the process that was taken to create the now highly sought after LeiLo Productions to the nation’s leading Film studio. The Acquisition Organizations need to strategically plan for the variety of changes
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