The Importance Of A Human Resources Function Within A Company

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1.0 Terms of Reference Within this report, I will outline the reasons why it is both important and necessary to have a human resources function within a company and examine the purpose and benefits of HR management. Specifically, I will be looking at employment legislation, inductions within the workplace and the recruitment and employment process. Although it is imperative to have some kind of HR function within a business that hires staff, I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of having either an individual person or a team of people as an operational HR function and evaluate my findings accordingly. I will discuss different types of employment documents and how these play a vital role within HR, alongside the methods and…show more content…
’ Creating important employment documents is also a key duty of HR and another reason having a HR function is helpful. These can be things such as an employment contract, company letter or one to one formal written communication. 3.1 Recruitment and selection – Internal and External HR will usually be responsible for advertising new vacancies within a company and will also arrange interviews with possible candidates. As the recruitment process progresses into a job being offered to a successful candidate, the HR department or manager will then be accountable for all checks needed to be carried out for that specific position such as a CRB check or speaking with that person’s previous employer for a reference. Allowing the HR function to take care of this whole process, would allow individual managers to focus more on their specific tasks and duties. When recruiting for a new vacancy, the HR could recognise an internal member of staff that would be better suited to the position and therefore the company could also save money while being as effective and efficient as possible concerning the recruitment process. 3.2 The Induction process Introducing a new member of staff into the workplace is a crucial moment, giving the employer a chance to ‘paint a
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