The Importance Of A Hydroponics And Aquaculture Gardening System

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Investigation and Planning
When contemplating multiple concepts, I ended up deciding that my topic for my personal project is building and maintaining an aquaponics garden. An aquaponics garden is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. These terms simply refer to the soil-less growing of plants, and the raising and growing of fish in one system. Hydroponics and aquaculture combine together to creating a single, thriving ecosystem. Aquaculture raises the fish that eventually become large enough to be consumed by humans for nutritional value, and the gill-bearing aquatic animals provide the waste that the plants use as fertilizer. The soil-less growing of plants means to use gravel and the water combined with fish waste to support
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A PowerPoint grants me the ability to provide slides with full descriptions of what I will do and pictures as my supporting details.

Scientific and technical innovation is the global context that most precisely describes my topic. When adopting the challenge of a fully functioning ecosystem, I questioned myself as to why I would want to do this. What came to my mind constantly was the reoccurring thought of wanting to help the environment. This subcategory explains that the impact of scientific advances is major on the environment, and this was the original peak of my interest on my topic. The ability to make my own ecosystem with the new advances stops the growing of weeds, the attack of pests on plants, and back pain from gardening, Scientific innovation has eliminated the hassle of gardening, in essence.

My prior knowledge on this topic and influences are extensive. My father first thought of wanting to create a project he could do in his free time. He ended up pulling me into the task, and we thought of an aquaponics garden. We both were infatuated with the idea, having both a heavy interest in the science and agricultural field. The topic explored the depths of both of our minds and our interests. This influenced me by thinking of how I could modify this project. This time I would do it on my own and make a smaller model. Prior to creating my miniature model, I knew what materials would be needed. Also, the knowledge of how

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