The Importance Of A Law Enforcement Officer

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Besides preventing crime and protecting the public, the job of a law enforcement officer consists of integrity, honesty and humility. Officers of the law are held to a higher standard than other individuals that hold public service positions. Therefore, there are policies and procedures in place that require more from them while they are performing their duties. Due to the high-level of integrity expected from law enforcement officers, truthfulness and a high standard of ethical behavior is required. However, some officers fall short, and departments are faced with the decision on how to discipline officers who fail to meet the expectations that come with working for law enforcement. Police organizations should have policies in place that protect officers, as well as reprimand law enforcement officers when the engage in wrongdoings. When officers lie, they risk termination of their job based on their dishonesty in regard to their career, as well as their lack of better judgment. In the case of Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild v. Kitsap County, the sheriff’s department terminated a deputy based on his untruthfulness and unstable behavior (Spector, 2008). The department felt that the officer’s integrity was in question, and because of his unpredictable behavior he would no longer be useful as a law enforcement officer for their department. In the beginning, a judge felt that termination of Deputy LaFrance’s position was not a reasonable discipline decision appropriate to
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