The Importance Of A Leadership Role And Expecting Results

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speaking in a friendly tone, my attempt to establish a sense of trust, calm, and acceptance with Rusty was achieved. Although there were the initial signs that he could sense some of my stressful and tense feelings, I concluded that he was perhaps becoming acclimated to all of the students being there all at once. In time, he then gained a strong trust with me throughout the day, lowering his head, letting his tail flow, as well as exhibiting the licking and chewing actions. This encounter left me very satisfied and relaxed, as well opening up the possibility and potential for anything to happen throughout the rest of the day. What I took from this initial interaction with Rusty was that you must first get to know someone, get a…show more content…
The stretching and moving activity allowed each individual to lead and dictate an exercise, which further made me mentally relaxed and ready to connect and build relationships with the horses. When going into a task that requires leading a team, a horse, or an individual, it is important to have focus and a clear mind and body, as well as being emotionally prepared. The “Centering” activity was very interesting and clearly displayed where my strengths in my mind and my body were centered. When performing this exercise, my strength was most prominent in my core, or stomach area. This is where I was clearly drawing the most strength and energy from, and where I could successfully resist falling forward. This exercise reminded my that being mentally stable and grounded is incredibly important, and the benefits of attempting to distribute and control the flow of energy around my body will allow me to keep and maintain the energy which can be lost to stress, being tense, and feeling fear. The centering exercise helped me to understand how to focus, redirect, and manage the various energies, such as stress, in a beneficial way for work, school, and interacting with friends and family. Another effective exercise that exhibited the power and impact of energy was the “Finding the Feel/Going With: Sticks”
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