The Importance Of A Leadership Role And Expecting Results

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speaking in a friendly tone, my attempt to establish a sense of trust, calm, and acceptance with Rusty was achieved. Although there were the initial signs that he could sense some of my stressful and tense feelings, I concluded that he was perhaps becoming acclimated to all of the students being there all at once. In time, he then gained a strong trust with me throughout the day, lowering his head, letting his tail flow, as well as exhibiting the licking and chewing actions. This encounter left me very satisfied and relaxed, as well opening up the possibility and potential for anything to happen throughout the rest of the day. What I took from this initial interaction with Rusty was that you must first get to know someone, get a sense of their behavioral patterns before implementing a leadership role and expecting results. Furthermore, within a leadership role, I must establish trust first before I can gain someone’s respect. Finally, I realized that horses, like people, are very hypersensitive and receptive to my voice, movements, and energy that I may be releasing at the moment. The “Body Scan” breathing exercise and the “Stretching and Moving”, as well as the initial crystal bowl auditory activity, all gave me a sense of relaxation and focus, and allowed me to better appreciate all the aspects of nature, and how it nurtures our essence. The calmness and solitude of the ranch, with the trees, the expansive property, the birds singing, the smell of the hay,…
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