The Importance Of A Learner, An Accurate Assessment

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In order to be able to know how to work effectively with a learner, an accurate assessment must be completed. Due to the importance of the skill, various assessments were practiced and completed frequently. The practice allowed me to identify potential reinforcers, functions of behaviors, and strengths and challenges of learners’ skills. A skills assessment was conducted in SPE 569. This assignment _____ According to Cooper and colleagues, a preference assessment identifies potential reinforcers that can be used to decrease or eliminate the target behavior and increase the desired replacement behavior (2007). The term reinforcer describes highly preferred stimuli. This information may not be known if a child plays with various stimuli during periods of free play. It is also important to revisit potential reinforcers over time since they may lose their strength, therefore resulting in little to know reinforcement value for the learner. By gaining knowledge of the strength of potential reinforcers, a more effective behavior change plan can be developed. In SPE 568, I had the opportunity to design and implement a preference assessment on a 7 year old boy with ASD. The items that were used in the assessment were identified by his parents, teacher, and through direct observation of the learner during free operant play time. This observation method can provide additional information regarding potential reinforcers which may not discovered through a more traditional
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