The Importance Of A Master 's Degree

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In my opinion, any nurse who has successfully completed their BSN and is ready to push their career to the next level needs a master’s degree. Obtaining such a degree takes strict dedication and commitment however; it can have a great impact on one’s nursing dreams in the form of many job opportunities. In addition it will provide an individual with the necessary knowledge and training to transpire quality nursing care in their area of specialty. The American Association of the Colleges of Nursing (2006) defined a master’s degree in nursing as “the educational core that allows advanced practice nurses to work as certified nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioners, certified clinical specialist, and certified nurse midwives.” The evolution…show more content…
Graduates of master’s degree programs in nursing are prepared with broad knowledge and practice expertise that builds and expands on baccalaureate or entry-level nursing practice (AACN, 2006, 2010, pg. 4). This preparation provides graduates with a fuller understanding of the discipline of nursing in order to engage in higher level practice and leadership in a variety of settings and commit to lifelong learning (AACN, 2006, 2010, pg. 4). For those nurses seeking a terminal degree, the highest level of preparation within the discipline, the new conceptualization for master’s education will allow for seamless movement into a research or practice-focused doctoral program (AACN, 2006, 2010, pg. 4). The world of nursing is an ever changing and challenging field. In your career, just like an emergency field one needs to be prepared for anything and everything. Earning a master’s degree in nursing can open up career opportunities and lead to salary increases. (2U 10/10/12). MSN is a career that opens many doors to rewarding jobs. Obtaining a master’s degree is a lucrative achievement that improves one’s nursing skills and will also distinguish you as a competent and highly skilled professional who can handle any nursing job at hand. In addition the AACN states that master’s-prepared nurses build on the competencies gained in a baccalaureate nursing
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