The Importance Of A Middle School Athletic Competition

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Staffing a school is the most important responsibility and service a principal has to attend and to provide a school. Students have a right to be taught by highly qualified teachers and in this case a highly qualified basketball coach. The case study #16 presents a situation where the principal has to begin recruiting to fill a basketball coaching position that has been long filled by two brothers that are ready to retire due to health reasons. The principal feels the pressure to have to fill this position, but finds it a bit challenging for a number of reasons—salary considered too low, not enough interest in “girls’ teams by the community, racial and gender concerns, and scandals in nearby district concerning males coaching girls’ teams. An athletic director for the high school suggests that she look into asking the parents of the players. (Kirschmann, 1996) Purpose The purpose for a middle school athletic competition provides many advantages which are learning sportsmanship, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving skills, self-control, weight control, builds self-esteem and looks good on the students academic record. In addition, many studies have shown that engaging students in extracurricular activities reduces student dropout rates, teen pregnancies, and juvenile arrests. (The Foundation for Global Sports Development, 2013) Characteristics of a Coach Certain traits or qualities that an administrator can look for in an athletic coach would be someone
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