The Importance Of A Military Sub Concentration Student

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This semester, I’m enrolled in the Clinical Practice with the Military Family to increase my knowledge and understanding when working military families. As a military sub-concentration student, this course will provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to enhance my work as an effective military social worker. I’ve been at my placement now for about nine weeks and I am getting more comfortable in interacting and using different psychotherapy techniques with my clients. The clients that I am assigned are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia. Even though I’m not working with military families in my placement, I believe that the knowledge that I am gaining in class about clinical practice with military family will be helpful in my future work and it can also be helpful in my current placement.
When working with service members, their families and veterans it is essential that as a social worker, I understand and respect the military culture. Cultural sensitivity is very essential when interacting with the military community. The military represents a unique cultural group with its own language, behaviors, and beliefs (Luby, 2012). The military is its own diverse community and is made up of different ethnic groups, gender, sexual orientation and spirituality. Globalization is rapidly happening in our society and this type of globalization is also visible within the military community. Being social workers, we will be working in communities that
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